ACADEMY OF SPORTS SCIENCE                                                                      
 The Academy of Sports Science is a free, open enrollment sports academy that is designed to meet the needs of student athletes. This program was established to help develop students in a wide-range of sports and create a pool of players that have the potential to compete on a professional level.  


The mission of The Academy of Sports Science is to develop student athletes and to increase positive competitiveness on a professional level. Upon leaving the Academy of Sports Science, it is our aim that our student:

  • Will be prepared to perform at top levels

  • Will obtain an early college awareness

  • Will be driven to succeed in all subjects and embrace all academic challenges

  • Will develop a personal commitment to serve as leaders of the 21st century 

The Academy of Sports Science envisions an educational institution of exceptional academic performance that is centered on quality instruction through personal engagement in authentic learning experiences. We draw our program from a wide rage of educational research, which includes instruction, educational psychology, literacy studies, multicultural education, and cognitive studies. Our team is dedicated to provide a learning environment that will produce and prepare well-rounded students for the rapidly changing 21st century spectrums of collegiate, corporate, and beyond.  We intend to create and maintain a setting to meet the unique needs of each student while maintaining academic rigor and relevance to their online learning experiences.