Reserving your court time at The MAP gives you the assurance that the courtswill be available for your scheduled event.  The MAP Sports Facility hosts a wide variety of events that typically require reservations such as: Weekend Tournaments, League team games & practice club team games & practice, Training Camps, or Special Sports Events including (but not limited to) disciplines in Basketball, Volleyball, Pickleball & Perfomance Training.

Any intrested event operators are advised to contact us at or 866-677-0919 or at 714-905-5261 to ascertain availability.  January thru June in any given year is typically booked a year in advance on week-ends 8AM-11PM, and weekdays 8AM-11PM, however you may be pleasenlty suprised in our accommodations on certain weekday opportunities during this period - so please contact us.

We are open daily from 8AM to 11PM daily at the MAP but other time arrangements are possible.

Single court reservations start at $65 per hour, but rates may vary pending the user's frequency, quality of courts, and length of reservations.

Contact Details:
The MAP Features 8 sponsored courts.
Why the MAP?
1 (866) 677-0919
12552 Western Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841
Court 1: Leverage
Court 2: Alley-Oop
Court 3: MAP Champ
Court 4: Hawk Hoops
Court 5: Mountain Dew
Court 6: Gatorade
Court 7: Pepsi
Court 8: Aquafina

We host a variety of leagues, tournaments, camps and team practices on a regular basis at The MAP. We are dedicated to providing a great environment for your recreational needs. Contact us whether you are looking for pick-up game, team practice, a league to join, or to host a tournament -- The MAP is the place to be!

M-F: 8AM-11PM