Hawk Hoops is a premier AAU program located in Garden Grove, California. The goal of providing a unique opportunity for youth student athletes
to learn and develop their basketball skills in preparation for high school still remains. The program’s mission to utilize youth travel ball,
practices, training and tournament games as a platform for players to improve, gain confidence and compete on a high level continues.
Through these programs, each player is able to interact and be mentored by Hawk Hoop’s coaching staff of experienced
coaches and former
college and professional players. One of their primary focuses is to provide all of
their players an opportunity to succeed
and grow through the game
of basketball while having fun.
The future of Hawk Hoops looks bright as well.
One of its new goals is to utilize all of its resources and connections to help players on the high school and college level.
Even though we know every player won’t make it to the NBA, if Hawk Hoops can help players become productive citizens and respectable human beings in society,
its mission is complete.
Hawk Hoops was established by NBA alum Juaquin Hawkins. The Houston Rockets’ guard earned 14 years of combined experience playing in the NBA, professionally in six different countries, and D-1 college basketball at Long Beach State. Juaquin’s background, training and playing professionally in the USA, China, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Australia, has allowed him to teach and mentor thousands of kids across the country through his Hawk Hoops Program. Though he started Hawk Hoops as its only coach, over time the program added other former collegiate and professional players to its coaching roster. By using highly skilled and experienced former collegiate and professional players, Coach Hawk sought to uniquely position the program to provide learning opportunities to youth players through after school programs, camps, personal basketball lessons, and club travel basketball teams.

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  • 2nd-7th Grade: Mon. & Wed.5:30 - 7:00 PM 

  • 8th Grade: Mon. & Wed.7:00 - 8:30 PM

Contact Details:
The MAP Features 8 sponsored courts.
Why the MAP?
1 (866) 677-0919
12552 Western Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841
Court 1: Leverage
Court 2: Alley-Oop
Court 3: MAP Champ
Court 4: Hawk Hoops
Court 5: Mountain Dew
Court 6: Gatorade
Court 7: Pepsi
Court 8: Aquafina

We host a variety of leagues, tournaments, camps and team practices on a regular basis at The MAP. We are dedicated to providing a great environment for your recreational needs. Contact us whether you are looking for pick-up game, team practice, a league to join, or to host a tournament -- The MAP is the place to be!

M-F: 5PM-10PM