Together as 1, our mission is to curate and unite a community of passionate young athletes and families who share the same love for the game. We aim for our community’s culture to be loyal and supportive to one another. Our end goal is to prepare and direct our  student athletes  towards a life dedicated to excellence

Upon building the community, we will enrich and educate our young athletes on the court to prepare them for the next level, but more importantly, we will share and teach life long lessons that will extend beyond the basketball court.

Our staff desires to inspire the next generation of players to surpass good and become great...



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Contact Details:
The MAP Features 8 sponsored courts.
Why the MAP?
1 (866) 677-0919
12552 Western Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841
Court 1: Leverage
Court 2: Alley-Oop
Court 3: MAP Champ
Court 4: Hawk Hoops
Court 5: Mountain Dew
Court 6: Gatorade
Court 7: Pepsi
Court 8: Aquafina

We host a variety of leagues, tournaments, camps and team practices on a regular basis at The MAP. We are dedicated to providing a great environment for your recreational needs. Contact us whether you are looking for pick-up game, team practice, a league to join, or to host a tournament -- The MAP is the place to be!

M-F: 8AM-11PM