A Premier venue located in Orange County, CA that has 65,000 sq ft of court space available for any indoor activity. All of our courts are raised floors made of second grade maple. Each court has 12 feet of commercial carpet between courts with plenty of seating and viewing space.


The MAP has flexible arrangements for all types of players and organizations to Reserve court time or play in the Open Gym format. We are open daily from 9:00 am am to 11:00 pm daily but other time arrangements are possible. Reserve your court's to insure your planned event at the MAP or simply show up to play on any non-reserved courts available on an Hourly Open Gym, Membership Open Gym, or Trainers Open Gym format.


Single court Reservations start at $70 per hour, but rates may vary pending the user's frequency, quantity of courts, and length of reservation.

Whether you need courts for weekend tournaments, league team, club teams, camps, special events or just open gym hourly or memberships, please contact us at: or call 866-677-0919 or 714-905-5262.

- Hourly Open Gym Fee $25

- Monthly Membership Open Gym Fee $50

-Trainer's Monthly Open Gym Fee $40

-Starting Single Court Reservations Fee $70


The MAP offers a flexible arrangement that allows Trainers the use of our courts anytime Monday thru Friday between 7:30 am to 5:00 pm on any court that is not previously reserved.  If you are a “Trainer,” then you can purchase a monthly membership at $40 per month, however, each of the Trainer's clients must pay either an hourly Open Gym fee  ($40 per hour) or a Open Gym fee ($25 per day with a 2 hour max.


Every Trainer and their clients must submit a signed “Waiver of Liability form” prior to playing on the MAP courts.  Please remember to print, fill out, & submit a signed Waiver of Liability Form for yourself and your clients that is provided in the “Rental" menu or simply click on the link below.  All players at the MAP must have this form on file, and, if the player is under 18 years of age then a Parent or Legal Guardian must sign the form on the player's behalf.


The MAP Facility was built by players for players & their families.  The master plan of the MAP was originally devised by an aspiring entrepreneur, Marty Walker, who is not only a player but also a league organizer and sports event planner.  Marty coined our name, “The MAP”, and, enlisted other passionate players and organizers to invest in building the MAP with the vision of a sports facility that every player, player family's, league organizer and sports event organizer would appreciate.

The MAP is a customer-centric corporation that is focused on continuous improvement utilizing best practices and customer feedback.  Our trained staff garners this focus to ensure your experience at the MAP is worthwhile, clean, and safe.